"Subodh Das has wealth of experience, particularly in the field of Aluminum, has worked on various assignments in the field of aluminum, sustainability, and environment."

Sachin Satpute
Novelis- Korea

"Subodh is extremely knowledgeable about his space and added tremendous value to an aluminum-related transaction we executed at Houlihan Lokey in 2009. Our metals practice would definitely consider hiring Subodh again for diligence support, operations analysis, industry overviews or other expert assistance within the aluminum and light metals industries."

Michael Jenny
Executive Vice President
Houlihan Lokey

"I have known Subodh for several years as he has made several presentations at Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market conferences including events in Chicago, Detroit, and Vienna. He will also be speaking at our International Aluminum Conference in Bahrain. With many years of experience in diverse roles within the global aluminum industry, Subodh is knowledgeable in the several areas of the aluminum process."

Raju Daswani
Managing Director
Metal Bulletin

"SUBODH developed a creative approach to solve the nation's dependence on foreign oil and brought together a group of Fortune 500 CEOs to implement a successful technology advancement effort in the Aluminum production industry. SUBODH brings a rare combination of charisma and deep technical acumen to the field of energy efficiency and technology development. I would partner with SUBODH any time. He is a dynamo!! When I partnered with SUBODH, I was the Department of Energy official leading the nation's efforts to reduce industrial energy consumption by 25%. SUBODH was the major reason that we achieved our goals in the Aluminum industry."

Buddy Garland
Program Manager
US Department of Energy

"Subodh was a driving force behind the Sloan Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry at the University of Kentucky. It was a great pleasure to partner with him on the development of the grant and get the Center off the ground. He has enormous energy and a true passion for his work, is knowledgeable, and exhibited great devotion to his employees. He is a doer and I would gladly work with him again on any project."

Paul Jarley
Dean College of Business
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

"Carbon Management" is a key aspect of sustainability. All manufactured primary, secondary and fabricated metal products employ production processes involving sources of carbon and energy such as coal, petroleum coke, charcoal, oil, and natural gas for combustion to generate heat. Alternatively, additionally and indirectly, processes also use electricity generated from combustion of fossil and renewal energy sources. Either way, combustion of fossil fuels generates carbon dioxide as an undesirable by-product. Carbon Management is the science and engineering of managing and mitigating the undesirable carbon dioxide produced.

Phinix, LLC provides carbon management services in terms of understanding, calculating and providing strategies to lower carbon foot print via fuel selection, process control and modification, designing sustainable recycle-friendly products, increasing energy savings during use phase, increasing recyclability, minimizing products going to landfills or incinerators, carbon storage and sequestration and recovering products from landfills.

“Global aluminum / aluminum industry can achieve or even exceed carbon neutrality by using “greener” energy grid, improving process electricity needs utilizing more efficient technologies, eliminating anode affect, making products which saves energy while in use and producing products for renewal energy sector, enhancing recycling rates to prevent aluminum going into landfills and incinerators, and mining aluminum from urban landfills and developing accepted protocols to allow in-use energy savings , producing products for renewal energy sectors and recycling as carbon credits /offsets.”

Dr. Subodh Das
MetalBulletin "International Aluminum Conference", Bahrain, September 21, 2010

Services Offered

Through synergistic collaborations and alliances with individuals and organizations, Phinix, LLC provides the following carbon management services for manufacturing, agricultural and renewal energy sectors and for cities, states and countries:

  • Carbon Credit / Offset Program
  • Carbon Footprint & GHG Auditing
  • Designing Mitigation Strategy Portfolio
  • Waste-to-Energy: design, build, and implement systems to recover methane and convert to renewable electricity and process heat from municipal solid waste and landfills.
  • Agricultural Carbon Utilization: anaerobic digesters to capture methane and convert to renewable electricity and process heat from agricultural waste such as cow manure.

Papers / Presentations / Seminars offered

Achieving Carbon Neutrality for the Global Aluminum Industry
- by Dr. Subodh Das

Journal of Metals, February 2012

This paper outlines an integrated and quantifiable plan for achieving "carbon neutrality" in the global aluminum industry by advocating five actionable steps: (1) increase use of "green" electrical energy grid by 8%, (2) reduce process energy needs by 16%, (3) deploy 35% of products in "in-use" energy saving applications, (4) divert 6.1 million metric tonnes/year from landfills, and (5) mine 4.5 million metric tonnes/year from aluminum-rich "urban mines."

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Aluminum Industry and Climate Change-Assessment and Responses
- Dr. Subodh Das and John A.S. Green

Journal of Metals, February, 2010 pp, 27-31

It is now possible to assess the impact of the production processes of aluminum on the environment and to describe some of the ongoing responses and opportunities for improvement. This is compared with the benefits of aluminum in transportation, where the growing usage in various forms of transport due to its low density, high strength, and ability to be recycled enables reduced mass, increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and increased safety. It is the purpose of this paper to compare and contrast the emissions generated in the production of aluminum with the benefits accruing from its increased use in transportation.

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Enabling Environmentally-Informed Materials Selection Decisions: Robustness of early stage lifecycle assessment
- A. Allen, Dr. Subodh Das, F. Field, J. Gregory, and R. Kirchain

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Industries Studies, Annual Conference, May 1-2, 2008 Boston, MA

This paper explores the robustness of materials selection decisions when using various life-cycle assessment methods. Improving the environmental performance of vehicles is a topic of growing concern met by today’s designer. One approach to this goal is through vehicle mass reduction, enabled through the implementation of a growing array of material candidates. While LCA methods are available to provide quantitative input into this selection decision, LCA applications are evolving and distinct. Specifically, this paper surveys the major analytical variations of LCA implementations and explores the implications of one major variant when applied to an automotive materials selection case study involving aluminum. This case study examines analytical variations in treatment of recycling by exploring allocation methods that affect product EOL. Preliminary results indicate that the choice of analytical method can have real impacts on individual metrics and there are sets of analytical variation over which strategic results are strongly affected.

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Life-cycle Cost Analysis: Aluminum versus Steel in Passenger Cars
- C.A. Ungureanu, Dr. Subodh Das, I.S. Jawahir

Aluminum Alloy for Transportation, Packaging, Aerospace and other application, Edited by Subodh Das and Weimin Yin, TMS 2007, pp 11-24

In light of escalating fuel prices and the ongoing climate change discussion, sustainability considerations are currently taking a more prominent role in material selection decisions for automotive applications. This paper presents a new methodology for total life-cycle cost analysis and employs a case study involving the use of aluminum in automotive applications. This study is aimed at developing a new sustainability model to quantify the total cost encountered over the entire life-cycle of a vehicle considering all four life-cycle stages: (1) pre-manufacturing, (2) manufacturing, (3) use and (4) post-use. Also, the paper presents a quantitative evaluation of the environmental impact of using aluminum material in a vehicle. The paper compares the use of aluminum with the traditional use of steel alloys in a given automotive application by providing details of economic and environmental performance of the vehicle over the total life-cycle.

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Presentation: “Anaerobic Digesters for Kentucky Dairies: Opportunities for Generating Green Energy, Carbon Credits and Producing “Carbon Neutral “Products”
- Dr. Subodh Das, Executive Task Force on BI0MASS and BIOFUELS Development in Kentucky

Frankfort, KY November 4, 2009

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Presentation: “Opportunities for Generating Green Energy, Carbon Credits and “Carbon Neutral” Milk Products
- Dr. Subodh Das

Kentucky Dairy Development Council Meeting, Broughtontown Community Center Crab Orchard, Kentucky December 11 , 2009

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Presentation: "Upcoming Carbon Management Legislations: Impacts and Opportunities for the Global Aluminum Industry"
- Dr. Subodh Das

Annual Meeting of the Mineral, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) in Seattle, Washington during February 14-18, 2010

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State Wide Task Force
BIOMASS and BIOFUELS Development in Kentucky

A collaborative effort of the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy and the Energy and Environment Cabinet December 10, 2009

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Presentation : "Aluminum Industry and Climate Change : Assessment and Responses"
- Dr. Subodh Das and John A.S. Green

TMS Annual Meetings San Francisco , CA February 17, 2009

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Presentation : "Can the Global Aluminum Industry Achieve Carbon Neutrality?"
- Dr. Subodh Das

International Aluminum Conference, Bahrain, September 2010

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Proposal: Development of a Waste-to-Energy Project

This proposal was submitted by Phinix, LLC, a Lexington based Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

The experienced multi-disciplinary team, assembled by Phinix, LLC, has the broad experience, flexibility and capability to successfully design, build and commissions the Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant for Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) and manage the resulting carbon credit benefits.

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Books Written

Carbon Management for the Global Metals Industries, by Subodh K. Das, PhD, MBA, PE, to be published by Wiley.

Books Edited

Energy Technology: Conservation, Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management, Alternative Energy Sources (2010), Published by the Minerals. Metals and Materials Society (TMS), Warrendale, PA, USA.

Projects Conducted

  • Phinix has worked with several global industrial customers to determine their carbon footprint and offer solutions to minimize its impact for the processes used and products produced.
  • Dr. Das is working on carbon management and renewal energy projects and serving on committees with Commonwealth of Kentucky and City of Lexington.
  • Dr. Das has volunteered time for professional society by participating in committees and workshop presentations with American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AICHE), American Institute of Metallurgical Engineering (AIME ), The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society ( TMS ) and Material Research Society (MRS) to promote carbon management and renewal energy for the metals, aluminum, materials and chemical industries
  • Dr. Das is a certified technical assessor for American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and has provided auditing and compliance services for several plants and businesses in the chemical and semiconductor manufacturing industries.
  • Dr Das has served as the lead technical auditor to qualify certifying bodies for US Department of Energy (DOE) Superior Energy Program (SEP)
  • Dr Das has worked with Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government agencies.
  • Dr. Das has worked with Kentucky’s Dairy Development Council and Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • Phinix is working on several proprietary projects.