“Former coal miner testifies in favor of EPA carbon regs” – Politico, 6 February 2014

We never thought we’d hear a former coal miner publicly speak out in favor of EPA carbon regulations, but last week, Virginian and fourth-generation former underground coal miner Nick Mullins, did.

President Obama and the EPA have introduced the Climate Action Plan, which aims to tackle climate change. One element of the plan is to establish carbon pollution standards for new and existing power plants. On February 6, the EPA held a public hearing, which allowed for an open and transparent public comment process on the proposal to limit power plants’ carbon pollution.

Not only did Mullins state that the coal industry exploits its workers and reinforces the cyclical poverty often found in coal states, but that coal mining is also dirtying our water and clean air for current and future generations. The EPA’s carbon pollution limitations would promote energy efficiency, while permitting us to efficiently save our stores of coal, oil and natural gas.

There are many sides of every story. In our highly polarized and political world—where “vocal minority” voices, though often fought, are always heard—it is always refreshing to witness the “silent majority” speak quietly, yet effectively.

Developed and Written by Dr. Subodh Das and Tara Mahadevan

February 10, 2014

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